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Focus and Scope

According to its institutional purposes CILEA is promoting the use of the most advanced computing and data transmission systems either by mantaining its computing platforms at a high quality level either by promoting the spread of the knowledge relevant to academic, public and private
technological and scientific research.
CILEA provides to its users computational architectures of high
performances, together with an important competence in the use of some among the most known codes, both commercial and open-source, for model analysis in several fields, among which we can mention fluid dynamics, medicine, chemistry
and mechanical engineering.
CAPI conferences which organization has been succesfully fulfilled since many years, represent an other instantiation of the CILEA mission, that of spreading knowledge acquired by using the most advanced computing instruments.
By publishing this issue CILEA focuses the attention on the scientific production users have obtained with the number crunching support of CILEA computing platforms.
This publication is therefore a collection of contributions from diverse scientific areas at least partially reflecting the variety of interests of CILEA users.
As a collection of specialized articles the correctness of the scientific content of this issue is left to the authors' responsibility.


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